Friday, 8 August 2008

The benefits of slideshare to social media campaigns

This week i have been mostly planning 12 month social media strategy's for clients. Some, are well suited to fresh and exciting challenges such as widgets, link bait and optimised video streaming. BUT... some, are less so, this could be due to the products and services they offer OR just purely from a monetary or time perspective. I these cases, traditional link building is usually then a prerequisite. But - "traditional link building and anal glands or similar and neither i particularly like" as per my post.

So with these particular clients, i sit upright in my ergonomic chair, take a few deep breaths, pour a cup of lady grey and begin. I firstly study their site, any new additions, check if they have any bid cash stored away, have they decided to move into the 20th century with video etc etc and is it hidden away on youtube?, and in the midst of staring at an empty February slot in the strategy document i think "i wish i had a huge cardboard box to break out of" and then i started doing some research into the influencers behind trends etc, i typed in things like the 1%, finding the creators and then creators or influencers and i start off my search. I trawled through a few results; a post on searchengineland, interesting post by clickz on 'who owns the influencer', a guy called Will Hintons LinkedIN profile and then... my slide on slideshare presentation;

"odd.." i muttered. I wondered how it had appeared under that search and then on checking out all the embed functions etc on the slideshare page i noticed that underneath it was a transcript of the whole thing.

This got me thinking (and sorry if this is a really old idea that i have just stumbled over), i thought, why not give great advice on slideshare from my clients and the transcript will give them some nice exposure to the article or page of their website.

It was also a slightly more entertaining prospect then simply revisiting thankless link building or handing anymore articles over to our amazing copywriter who is seriously overworked as it is.

So in a nutshell -"The benefits of slideshare for social media purposes:

  • You can embed keyword rich links (not sure if they are no follow - still it points them in the right direction
  • You can tag up your information to point them through to the full article on the site (incase they want to use this)

  • Its so easy to share and copy to social spaces
  • It includes a complete transcript of the slide text, meaning that key phrases can be used to ensure it is found in the SERPS
  • It sets your business up as an authority on a particular subject
  • It associates your business with other authority content
  • You can join other groups within your area 
  • When people embed a group badge to their site / blog they also add yours if you are part of it (cool)

  • It has mini stats thats shows you were viewers have come from and how many times it has been embedded, it doesnt tell you where it is embedded which would be really helpful.

  • And lastly in the spirit of API lovers everywhere, Slide show has been mashed to create slide share toys - the first of which being "slide share karaoke". basically its a slide randomiser and to be honest it doesnt work either on my mac or in firefox, but it looks impressive ... and here it is.

  • You can also create Slidecasts - This is very cool indeed - its like i-tunes and keynote have had sex and produced this little bundle of audio visual joy:

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Anonymous said...

Great review! Glad to know you find SlideShare useful.

We do show where your slideshow is embedded - see "Most viewed embeds (Top 5)" under "More Info". Click "more" to view all sites where your slideshow has been embedded. It also shows the number of views on each site. Whew! That's a lot of stats :)

- Arun from SlideShare

Claire Stokoe said...

Thanks Arun, i'll check that out. Was kind of interested where my slide had been added.

It wasnt all that good, so i really hope they watched it first.

thanks again