Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Whose the 'daddy?' Bigstring email or Gmail...

Anti-Spam SMTP ProxyImage via WikipediaI've been testing a new email account for over a month now, its called 'bigstring email' and its USP is that it is the:

"The World's Coolest Free Web-based mail service, it provides free accounts with the best features for individuals, business, social networking. Big string email service is for secure, private, recallable, erasable email. Free and premium email accounts for business & personal e-mail address.

So because i was looking for a nice new email account to handle my link requests and i have a lot of time on my hands due to a lack of social obligations i felt the wind of EM change.

Big string offered 'sender regret' a bit like buyers remorse but electronic and less needs for floor length mirrors or assistants called 'Darren'. Basically you can recall an email that you send out mistake, handy if i have just emailed an baby clothes company offering a link trade with an online sperm donors. I thought it looked interesting and so i set-up a free account and began sending my link requests out using Big string instead of Gmail."

The features i loved were the tabbed windows, meaning i could plan out five emails at a time and the fact that you could track when the email had been viewed by the site owner and when, a handy function when chasing up requests etc as you had something to go on, but i wondered why a lot of my emails weren't even being opened, not even by Jill who thought I'd been the person sending her emails about penis enlargements. It wasn't until i had an email back from a webmaster in Texas saying he had found my email in his junk mail by accident that i suddenly realised what was happening.

I contacted Big string who replied promptly and said that this happens the first time but once the email is opened that it wont go into the trash again. But what if its never opened i cursed!

So i crept back to my Gmail account, took it out to dinner and bought it the new prison break (OK so that was for me) but i did as Jeff Coons to i Google and i am now using the big G again.

I am really missing the tabbing and tracking functions, as now i have no idea what happens to my lovingly crafted emails, are they read or simply abandoned in the trash.

Well.. better get some sleep. But i'll leave you with a few email related links.

Nite X

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