Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Why arent webmasters more like guppies

I've been working on social media and link building for a few years now, its an arduous task at times and can be a thankless one. I always get really new world order over it, punching the air and singing "What the web..needs now, link love..link Love. But it usually falls on deaf ears, like I'm trying to sell ice to an Eskimo (whom i am assuming 'wrongly perhaps' has some).

I mean the links I'm offering are to relevant sites for their customers. I'm not that dumpy angry looking east end woman standing up on a high stool behind a market stall saying "You want relevance love, come on.. 2 for a paaand". No... I'm offering quality, helping them give their users a better service, improving the relevancy with keyword rich text in the anchors.

How do i know this? because i optimised the clients site in the first place and i know their business in side and out. My main concerns are for the user, the client and the webmaster, that means new content, ease of use and increased ROI.

But anyway, back to the Guppies. My guppies breed, they breed like its the last day on earth. Why? because they see another Guppy, they swim around it a bit, pop behind the plastic acropolis (tacky perhaps) and "watch it vicar" - a new life is created.

Now if my male Guppies were like webmasters and my female guppies were like links, the story would be very different. You'd have little link condoms all over, they'd be arguments over whether the male like blue tails or red tails, they'd want the females to bring them tiny gifts in return, and this would be hell on their fins. The result would be in many cases - No bambino el fino, or a very long gestation period of up to 12 months.

Ok, so my tank at the moment looks like I've been royally spammed, but - it would be nice, if webmasters would "give a little" rather than "take a lot and consider GOOD sites that help the traffic flow in the right direction instead of just how much money they can get from BAD SITES that send their users to the nearest "smiley friggin central".

OK, rant over.. i'm off to feed the fish

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