Thursday, 5 July 2007

"We Code - Therefore we are!"

SEO, isn’t all technical, there’s SMO for starters. And just in case a few people in the back didn’t know, "there is no one answer to solve it all, no flick of a switch that will crack all your search marketing ills and get you a ranking of 6. Sorry!". A visit from the Web design/SEO fairy will not grant you thousands of inbound relevant links over night, left in a tiny pink purse beneath your pillow, and Doug can’t help you get dug as much as Doug thinks he knows how to digg. It’s a hard slog and I tell this to my clients day after day, just how much work needs to go into a full long term campaign, if the best results wish to be achieved is a HELLOFALOT.
Ok, so there is the technical part, the start up ... and I for one admit that this is the absolute nuts of the campaign and I know how important getting this bit right is, if the site is to have any hopes of future growth. Sing aloud....

Inspiring content - meta data - optimised key words in content and navigation - textual navigation - breadcrumb trail - site map - 301 re-directs - less than 3 parameters and no ID= if it has to be dynamic URL - header tags - bolded text - hyperlinks - internal links in navigation - bookmark button - hosted in country served - User centricity

But this is like a brand new car sitting on the forecourt waiting all shiny and new for its owners to arrive... the off the page stuff is what drives it, social media plays a mammoth part in getting a brand, web presence and I don't know the exact figures of on page vs. off but I know if I were to buy shares in anything, it'd be in Social Mediums (forums, optimized article submissions, blog comments, blogs). The time, sweat and tears it takes to construct a memetic brand, an interactive proposition that people are willing to submit to is an art. And SM is as much an unsung hero as CSS once was.

So please, web designers of the world, next time you propose to a client that you'll take on their SEO, consider this - "can you honestly offer a complete interactive online proposition that works both on and off the page and that can change and compete in an evolutionary user driven tornado". It's just a thought?"

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