Thursday, 28 June 2007

Astronauts to Twitter from the moon

Nasa is planning another exciting mission to the Moon and It seams that along with gathering samples of rock from earth’s only natural satellite they will be doing something else there.

Imagine visiting the moon, it is thought to be over 3 billion years old and has shone in our skies since we were children, igniting our imagination. It is the very thing that affects our tides and in the year 1969 it is apon its surface we stepped and forever classed it amongst humanities greatest ever achievements.

This time however, The Nasa astronauts will not only be staring back through the void of space towards the wordless splendour that is our planet with tears in their eyes. They will be Twittering once they arrive. Imagine what would have happened if “Neil Armstrong” had stepped out of the Eagle module onto the moons surface, and as the world held its breath gathering around their radios and black and white TV’s they heard, from the timeless depth of space the imortal words, "Thats one small step for man, one giant leap for… lucky bugger, my mate Brain bought the latest Jefferson Airplane album”.

Sorry to be sceptical, I’m all for social media 24/7, but some things are sacrosanct and “awe inspiring moments” should remain "awesome". Twittering from the Moon... what next, Mothers giving birth and logging into Facebook or checking into Myspace whilst saying “I do” or missing a Grey whale break the surface of the water because you’re too busy adjusting your Skype profile.

But it’s just my opinion now I’m off to find out more about Sprite Yard

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